In her works, Başak Bugay explores ways to represent the relationship between the psychic constructions of the subject and the collective unconscious. Using a wide range of material and an ironic discourse, she puts forth themes like childhood traumas, denial and defense mechanisms, and sleep/death. Taking her relationship with material and process as organic, Bugay’s production process is shaped through the use of materials of fabric, ber, plaster, and terracotta. Cut o from the outside world, isolated, confined to their own space the figures in their privacy do not directly interact with the audience. These figures are tough and distant and at once peaceful and familiar. Bugay lets the audience figure out the hidden elements trapped in these spaces of privacy, breach into their secrecy and complete their un- canny and hidden stories. Although seeming safe and warm, the environments and figures in her works contain the possibility of an attack.

Visual artist born in Istanbul, 1979. Bugay graduated from Department of Painting in 2002, obtained her Phd in 2019 both at Mimar Sinan University of Fine Art. Lives and works in Beyoğlu, Istanbul.

Solo exhibitions

2022 “Füg / Fugue”, Zilberman Gallery, Istanbul

2018 “Saklanmak keyiftir / It’s a joy to be hidden”, Milli Reasürans Art Gallery, Istanbul

2015 “Bebe / Doll”, in the studio of the artist, Istanbul

2010 “Denge / Balance”, Ziraat Bank Art Gallery, Istanbul

Selected group shows

2022 “Rounded by Sleep”, curator: Eda Berkmen, Arter, Istanbul

2021 “Karşı Pencere”, curator: Melike Bayık, KOLİ Art Space, Istanbul

2021 “Unlock”, Zilberman Gallery, Istanbul

2019 “Dancing Into One”, organized by March Art Project, Yuvakimyon Rum Kız Lisesi, Istanbul

2018 “The Big Picture”, organized by Amnesty International, DEPO, Istanbul

“Otelde Bir Gün / A Day at Hotel”, Zilberman Gallery, Istanbul

“The Cut and The Pit”, Unique Gallery, Istanbul

2015 “Bu Benim de Aklıma Gelmişti”, Kargart, Istanbul

2012 “Zaman Aşımı / Statutory Limitation”, Karşı Sanat – Ada Sanat, Istanbul

2012 “Hayvan / Animal”, Tophane-i Amire-Tekkubbe, Istanbul

2011 “Diyarbakır Hapishanesi Ne Yana Düşer / Where is Diyarbakır Prison”, Karşı Sanat Galerisi, Istanbul

2011 “Öyle mi? / Is-it?”, Tophane-i Amire -Tekkubbe, Istanbul

2010 “Figüratif / Figurative”, Alanistanbul Tünel, Istanbul

2010 Artist 2010, İpek-Ahmet Merey Collectioners Honourable Reward Exhibition, Istanbul

2010 “Yüzyılın Sergisi / Exhibition of the Century”, Ziraat Bank Collection, Cer Modern, Ankara

2010 “Genç Ustalar, Usta Gençler / Young Masters”, Rh+ Art Magazine, MKM, Istanbul

2009 Artist 2009, 216 Düşünce ve Üretim Alanı, 19. Istanbul Art Fair, TÜYAP,  İstanbul

2009 “Memory Book: Hasanpaşa”, 216 Düşünce ve Üretim Alanı Group Exhibition, Istanbul

2009 “Memory Book: Moda”, 216 Düşünce ve Üretim Alanı Group Exhibition, Istanbul

2008 “Metropol”, Selçuk Yaşar Art Gallery, Izmir